25 Ways To Know Your Marriage Will Last Forever


40-50% of first marriages end in divorce. That seems like an awfully large percentage to me. My question is why? 

What are we looking for in marriage as a culture that apparently isn’t being satisfied? Why are our expectations not being met?

First of all, I think our idea of love has been skewed. We are told that “love is love is love”… meaning, if you feel it, it must be right. That leads us to the implication that love = feelings. If love = feelings, what happens when those feelings go away? And believe me, they do. What then?

I also believe that our culture thinks of marriage, relationships, & love as something you do to make yourself happy. If that is your mindset going into a relationship of any kind, you are going to cause yourself a great deal of disappointment. All relationships… whether they be with…

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