Is it Postpartum Depression or the Baby Blues?

80% of new mothers experience the baby blues. This is a normal thing that happens the first few weeks after the baby is born when your hormones are figuring themselves out. This is normal. 15% of mothers experience something more serious, which is what postpartum depression usually refers to. This usually requires medication, which is nothing to be ashamed of. If you aren't sure what you are experiencing, take the quiz.

How long would you say you have been experiencing symptoms?
How are you feeling about yourself: Your new body, your new life, your new baby.
Which answer best describes your emotional state?
How are you feeling about you and your family's future?
How is your appetite?
Are you able to care for your baby?
How are you sleeping?
How would you explain your feelings towards your baby?
Have you ever considered harming yourself or your baby?
Have you had any of these thoughts?
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Is it Postpartum Depression or the Baby Blues?