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Hello friends! I’m so glad you are here on my blog. I hope that you can find encouragement here on your walk through life as a fellow mommy.

My name is Britta & I’ve loved to write ever since I was a little girl. Though I’m not the greatest at making up imaginative stories, I am very good at recording facts, opinions and ideas. The thought of having a place to keep a record of those random thoughts, opinions, & dreams of mine in one place sounded amazing… so I made a blog!

Besides being a mostly stay-at-home mom to my beautiful son Samuel, I do some cleaning on the side. I absolutely delight in cleaning, organizing & throwing stuff away. Weird, I know… but it’s just what I do best!

My favorite moments are usually found in the mid-morning – on a rainy, cloudy or snowy day in the fall or winter – with a hot cup of coffee in one hand and my well-loved Bible in the other. These also happen to be the moments when I get most of my best writing ideas.

Though these are my interests, I don’t feel like I can properly explain who I am in just a few paragraphs about the things that I enjoy, because there is just so much more to me. So if you care to know, here are some of the things that make me who I am.

  • Jesus is my Lord & Savior.¬†There is nothing in my life that I am more sure of or that means more to me than Jesus – when everything else fails, his goodness remains. His faithfulness has brought me through so much & is part of EVERY story that I have to share.
  • I was a YWAM missionary for 2.5 years
  • I’ve travelled all over the world (Grenada + Puerto Rico + Dominican Republic + Uganda + Tanzania + D.R. Congo + Turkey + Romania + Transylvania + Moldova)
  • I was homeschooled for my entire life (and would love to homeschool my own kids someday).
  • I am obsessed with names;¬†their origin and their meanings. I believe that the names that you give your children are incredibly important and that God will choose their names if you let him. These are our family’s names and why I love the meanings of our names.
    • My name is Brittany Merry. Brittany means “Strong/Strength”. Merry means “Mighty warrior” and, of course, the other meaning for the English word Merry meaning “Joyful”. I’ve found that these words definitely fit my personality and that I’ve grown into them as well. Not only do I have a strong personality, but my faith has always been strong. I’ve fought through obstacles with strength and resiliency. And people always tell me that I am so joyful and that the love of Jesus can be seen on my face. I love that my middle name is Merry because I feel like it really is a huge part of how God made me.
    • My husband’s name is Nathaniel Jeremy. Nathaniel means “gift of God” and Jeremy means “exalted by God”. My husband is seriously the most perfect human being. As teens I never thought he would be my husband, but I did respect him so much because he had the strongest character and faith of anyone I knew. He is a gift to everyone who knows him, and especially to his family. He is exceptionally humble and has never looked for the spotlight, but 2 years into our marriage God asked him to be a pastor. With no college or seminary or Bible training. We were both scared, but God chose to exalt him. His names have been prophetic for him in so many ways.
    • My first son is Samuel Jeremy. My husband and I could not pick a name for him through the entire pregnancy. One day my mom texted me and suggested Samuel, the name of my late Grandfather. I dismissed the suggestion saying I didn’t really like it that much. The next day a good friend of mine suggested it out of the blue when I told her the kinds of names I liked. I shrugged and said maybe. That same evening my husband sat up in bed and said “Do you like Samuel?” So, Samuel it was. For some reason I assumed that with a rhyming name and the same middle name as my husband that he would be his daddy’s clone. Man, was I wrong! Though he looks just like his dad, he is my personality duplicate. Samuel means “God has heard”, but I also like to think of it as prophetic in that he will listen to God. I also know that he was an answer to my lifelong prayers to be a mother. Jeremy means “exalted by God”. I love that both Samuel and Jeremiah were prophets, and actually the only 2 prophets in the Bible that God mentions knowing them in the womb and having plans for their lives. Knowing that God chose my son’s name brings me so much excitement and hope for his life and the plans that God has for him.
    • My child in heaven is named Jamison David. We lost our 2nd child at 9 weeks. I had this name in mind for months before we even conceived, but I couldn’t get Jamison meaning “deceiver”. I just knew I wanted it for my next child, but was stressed out by that. After losing this baby, I knew that his name was supposed to be Jamison. He deceived us because we thought he was going to be part of our earthly family and he wasn’t…but he will be in heaven. David means “beloved” and he will always be held in our hearts until we meet him in heaven. I had this full name picked out for my next son for at least 6 months before we conceived. I will never know for sure what gender that baby was, but I strongly feel like God gave me that name for that baby and it’s something that I can hold onto here on earth until I know the full story someday.
  • I struggled through body image issues and an eating disorder. Thankfully, God has freed me from the chains of self-hatred and shown me how he feels about me. I’ve been given the opportunity to share my story, to teach and love on younger women who struggle with this as well and show them the freedom that comes from knowing Jesus.
  • I grew up with 7 siblings, 5 of whom were younger and I helped raise. And yes, I loved having a big family!
  • I am a musician. I play piano + guitar + vocal well… and flute/violin/drums mediocrely. I like to tell people that I probably wouldn’t be musical if my family wasn’t so into it. I’m a more logical person than I am artistic so I think I just picked up what was being thrown into my life. I love it, nevertheless!
  • I have survived cancer. A Frantz tumor was found on my pancreas in fall of 2016 and removed in January of 2018 by the Whipple procedure. Because of this surgery I now have pre-diabetes, GERD, nausea, diarrhea, inefficient digestion, and trouble keeping on weight. This makes being a mama tough some days, but I have so much more compassion for others who have chronic illnesses and pain and are still doing so much in spite of it!
  • My husband became a pastor. I always said I would never marry a pastor. And I didn’t. But then God called him to the ministry, despite never having gone to seminary or any Bible school for that matter. This has been a leap of faith for us, but SO good in SO many ways.
  • And of course, I am a mama. My lifelong dream has always been to be a mother and wife. God blessed us with our precious Samuel about one week after my tumor was found. We let it sit until after he was born (which was a crazy story in and of itself) and when Samuel was 4 months old I had my surgery. We have had one miscarriage and I am currently pregnant for the 3rd time.

Though I absolutely love who I am independent of my family, they make us so much of who I am and are the loves of my life, so let me introduce you to them as well!

My husband, Nathaniel, is the sweetest, godliest and most gracious man I have EVER met. I grew up with him and wouldn’t even be able to guess how many times I said “Oh, Nathaniel is the best guy I know.” And I truly thought it… to the point where I never considered myself worthy of him. Well, friends… God had other plans! He put us together in the most miraculous way and we’ve been happy together ever since. He is a farmer/contractor/landlord/pastor and does all of his jobs with everything that he’s got. I couldn’t be luckier to call him mine.

My son, Samuel, is 2 years old and the oddest little combination of personalities. He’s a loud, obnoxious goofball that never stops talking, but he also has some OCD and anxiety about life that always catches me off guard. He has so much energy and literally never stops moving. His interests revolve around anything with wheels.

Come along with me on my journey of life, motherhood, marriage & following Jesus!

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