Are You Pregnant?

The 2 week wait between ovulation and a positive pregnancy test can seem absolutely torturous. If you are longing to know, and are less than a week away from your period, take our quiz!

Did you have any unprotected sex on days 8-17 of your cycle?
How old are you?
Have you missed a period yet?
Have you been on any type of hormonal birth control in the last year?
Have you been feeling nauseous or vomiting for no apparent reason?
Are your breasts unusually tender (more than most months)?
How is your complexion?
What day of your cycle are you currently on?
Have you felt any sharp or abnormal cramping?
Have you had any spotting?
How has your mood been the past week?
Have you had any headaches recently?
Have you felt unusually dizzy?
Have you been sleeping well?
Have you had any out of the ordinary dreams?
Have you been peeing more than normal?
Have you had any problems with bloating/constipation?
Are you feeling hotter or sweatier than normal?
What has your vaginal discharge been like this week?
Do you have any nasal drainage?
Do you "feel" pregnant?
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Are You Pregnant?