The PERFECT “mom-bod” undies

If you are a mother, then it isn't news to you that pregnancy and breastfeeding change a LOT about your old body. Things that were taut and smooth are now saggy and textured... it's a big old bummer, but as there's nothing you can do about it that isn't crazy expensive, most of us are … Continue reading The PERFECT “mom-bod” undies


Breastfeeding: One Size Doesn’t Fit All [Guest Post]

When I was pregnant with my son, I did a MASSIVE amount of research. I wanted to know anything and everything about how to take care of him. I found so many resources online about breastfeeding, but the one thing I didn’t hear about was exclusive pumping. I saw the phrase a few times, but … Continue reading Breastfeeding: One Size Doesn’t Fit All [Guest Post]