What To Expect: 9-12 Months

Hello, mama! Hopefully you've been amazed by the leaps and bounds your little one has grown in the past 9 months. Isn't it crazy how quickly they go from a newborn to a little walking, talking human being? At only 9 months, your little one is really beginning to understand how the world works. In … Continue reading What To Expect: 9-12 Months

10 Ways I’ve Changed Since Becoming A Mom

There is absolutely nothing in life that changes you like becoming a parent. Of course, other things can leave very deep imprints and impacts on our souls, but parenting changes you from the core of your being right away and keeps changing you every day as your child grows. Parenting changes us for as long … Continue reading 10 Ways I’ve Changed Since Becoming A Mom

Baby Registry: Everything you do & don’t need

There are literally a thousand things to worry about when you're pregnant for the first time. How will I get through labor? How will I figure out how to parent well? What are we going to name this kid? Probably one of your smallest concerns at the beginning is what to put on your baby … Continue reading Baby Registry: Everything you do & don’t need

6 Tips To Guarantee Breastfeeding Success

So, before I even begin, I want to make something really clear. I am not dissing formula feeding. We mamas like to get into a tizzy thinking that people are condemning our parenting decisions. I am not going to condemn formula feeding in this article. I am, however, going to speak some truths that are … Continue reading 6 Tips To Guarantee Breastfeeding Success

Situational Anxiety Self-Therapy (+ Free Worksheet)

For some reason, anxiety and depression are so prevalent in our culture. I'm one of the many who are affected by it. Although it's really hard to tell if it's genetic, a personality issue, or just part of our crazy busy culture with super high expectations of us, it's a problem. It was just recently … Continue reading Situational Anxiety Self-Therapy (+ Free Worksheet)