Why are your quiet times failing?

As Christian's, one of the hardest things to do in our culture with all of it's events, expectations and things-to-do, is committing to and being consistent with our quiet times. We all have areas of life that are harder for us. What area is making it harder for you to have good quiet times with the Lord? Take our quiz and find out! 
How often do you have a quiet time?
What of these do you relate to most in this stage of your life?
How do you feel after spending time with God?
What are you looking for from your time with God?
Do you have a plan for your quiet times?
Which of these things is constantly on your mind throughout the day?
What is your prayer life like?
What is your experience at church like?
When you read the Bible, what do you come away with?
Which statement do you really identify with?
When do you do quiet times?
What is something that you are often most jealous of about others?
What sin do you feel like you struggle with?
Do you feel confident in your faith & relationship with God?
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Why are your quiet times failing?