Mothers Of Another World

Two and a half years ago, the mommas of Africa taught me how to wrap up a baby. These mommas cooked for hours on end (and NOT the easy kind of cooking we do, that’s for sure), cleaned their dirt floor huts, walked for miles upon miles, cared for their children (and possibly their sister’s, best friend’s & neighbor’s kids too), breastfed, worked their gardens (for survival…not just for show), took care of their animals (which also meant butchering for their next meal), fetched the water from the stream, did the laundry (in a bucket with the precious water they just fetched), ALL with a little baby hanging off their back, in an ankle length skirt, in 90-100 degree weather.

There’s no way I could do it. To be an African woman means to be strong, multi-talented, patient, hard working, & persevering. I admire their cultures oh so much. While each African country I visited had worlds of difference…. those women also all share a certain beauty. That beauty of being an incredibly strong & capable homemaker and mother. I could never do what those women do.

I get exhausted with my air conditioning, memory foam mattress, washing machine & hot shower. But I at least figured I could clean the house with my baby wrapped up so I could feel just a little bit as accomplished as my African mommy friends.


Me with a precious little bundle wrapped up the African way!

My own little bundle of joy




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