5 Things That Got Me Through My Pregnancy

  1. Prenatal Yoga. I’ve always been a yoga junkie, so naturally, I immediately googled pregnancy yoga the second I saw that pink plus sign. I’m so glad I devoted time to yoga. Working out was not an option for me while pregnant, but yoga was just perfect. It helped with my sciatic pain, swelling, pelvic pain and I’m positive it helped me sleep better.
  2. Working hard = sleeping well. Up until the night I went into labor, I was sleeping 10-12 hours a day. It was amazing! Some of the many comments I received during pregnancy were made on the assumption that I wasn’t sleeping. People were shocked that I slept so well! But during the early months, I worked 4-8 hours a day cleaning houses. I was exhausted at the end of the day. At the end of pregnancy, after I quit, I made sure to get up and moving….even if that wasn’t doing anything strenuous. It made sleeping come so much more quickly.
  3. Drinking soooo much water! I drank about a gallon a day. It helped so much with everything. I got rid of my first UTI my chugging lemon water. My heartburn was absolutely awful, and that definitely made me drink more than normal. I was also able to cut down on the swelling until the very end…then I was just doomed to be a marshmallow.
  4. Soda. I know they said not to….but I couldn’t help myself. Between the bubbles, sugar, & ice it worked wonders for all my acid reflux, exhaustion, and the fact that I was hotter than hades 99% of the time.
  5. Keeping a positive outlook. At the end, all I wanted was to get that baby OUT. It was so hard to be patient. But I had to remember to purposefully enjoy the time before my baby came. I knew that he would change my whole life, so I was determined to get projects done and truly enjoy my quiet time I had left without him. I’m so glad I did. As much as I love my son, it’s all about him now and I’m so happy I took those last months to focus on my own things.

What were your favorite things that helped you get through your pregnancy?


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