‘Til Death Do Us Part

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It’s been two years since the best day of my life. It was emotional, overwhelming and so beautiful. It wasn’t about the pretty clothes, the flowers, the guests or the party (although, that was all SUPER fun & I’d love to do it again!). That day was the most beautiful day of my life because of the sacred commitment I was making and involving everyone I loved to witness.

That day was not just about love, it was about COMMITMENT. That day, I knew that I was vowing to always love this man. I knew that he was going to be my one and only for the rest of my life. But I have learned since that day that commitment is about more than just forsaking all others… it’s about choosing every morning that you will do whatever it takes to put that person above all else.

That day, I chose you. Today, I still choose you and want to remind myself of the vows we made before God and our families to cherish each other forever.

Nathaniel, I will never forget the day that I realized how much you were like Jesus. It wasn’t long after that when we first talking and praying for each other. You showed me your passion for the Lord, and your unwavering character was proven to me time and time again. You are the godliest man I have ever known. I promise to be the best helper and lover that I can be. I promise to encourage you when you are stressed, worried, or sad. I promise to get on my knees every day and lift you up to the Lord in prayer. I promise to take care of you, our home and our future children with all the strength that I have. I promise to love you selflessly and give you all of my heart. I promise to be faithful to you: mind, body, and spirit for the rest of our lives together. Your name means “Gift of God”, and I don’t think you could be named more appropriately. Thank you for always treating me with respect, adoration & love. You have given me so much joy and helped me see what I am worth in the eyes of Christ. I am overjoyed at the thought of becoming one with you and growing closer every day for the rest of our lives.   

Britta, I love you with a love so deep, I didn’t know it existed. I love your heart for Jesus, and for your family. I love your honesty and your adventurous spirit. I love that you are a comforter and an encourager. I will never forget those nights last summer that we stayed up until two every morning. I needed you. You were such an encouragement to me and were so honest. You prayed for me and spoke what I needed to hear. I will never forget how much I missed you when you were in Africa, but being so scared to talk to you when you got home. I’m so glad you are finally here, in my arms, forever. I promise to hold you and protect you forever. I promise to provide for you to the best of my abilities. I promise to be the spiritual leader of our marriage and our family. I promise to honor you and your body. I promise to hold you when you’re crying. I promise to talk through everything and make decisions as a couple. I promise to be your companion as we raise our family together. I promise to be by your side forever, as we share the love of Christ with everyone around us. I can’t wait to have you by my side for the rest of our lives.



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