30 Days Of Yoga Challenge

I’ve always been a big yogi. I love the way it makes me feel. The deep breathing, long stretches, relaxing silence; after every session, I felt like I just took a nap AND exercised! 

At one point, when I was the most in shape I’ve ever been, I could morph my body into positions I never knew were possible! Above all, I was most proud of the handstand I could pop into at any given moment.

Originally, I began doing yoga because I was dealing with a lot of depression. I didn’t know much about it, but I did a quick youtube search for “beginners yoga” and did a 20-minute stretching routine.

I was amazed at how easily it came to me. I am a type-A, OCD person and the way the routine helped me to clear my mind was amazing to me! I also hate exercising. I’ve dealt with chronic fatigue for various reasons throughout my life and doing an intense workout, running, or any combination of the two was just too much for me. Flexibility and strength training was always what felt best to me.

Over the years, I began to search out more and more difficult yoga routines. I became a pro at some of the most difficult moves. What surprised me most was not my ability to stretch my body (I expected that with yoga), but I was honestly shocked at how STRONG I became. 

When I got pregnant last year, I switched to prenatal yoga. While it was very helpful for my aches and pains, and it did keep me strong and flexible, my strength dwindled from what it used to be. I just wasn’t capable of the moves that I used to do.

I regained my flexibility with postpartum yoga, but soon after I had a surgery that completely destroyed my strength. I’ve currently lost 25 pounds and standing up for 15 minutes feels like a full-body workout.

Today, my goal is to find myself again. To feel like a human…. to have the ability and strength to take care of my baby, home and husband. I want to begin eating again and gaining nutrition and strength through exercise and a good diet.

But I cannot start with something difficult. I have to start with something small.

So this month, I am challenging myself to a 30 Day Yoga Challenge. I am so excited to find my pre-baby self again and regain the strength that I once had. I will record my journey here and I hope you will join me!

Week 1: Feeling excited! I’m having my period this week, so I’m a little tired and having cramping and back pain. The light exercise has felt really good. I’m still throwing up a few times a week and feeling pretty weak overall, but challenging myself to just do twenty minutes has been helping me regain strength and it feels wonderful to see myself coming back to life just a little bit.

Week 2: Started out this week with a power workout! It was difficult and caused me to break a sweat…but it felt GOOD! The stretching is so much nicer after you’ve worked your muscles a little bit. Feeling strong and successful. I’ve been able to start eating a little more regularly, and my strength is returning.

Week 3: Things are becoming easier for me again! I’m absolutely loving all the movement and stretching. I still struggle with commitment to the workouts, and I talk myself out of it frequently. Otherwise, things are going really well. A few of the sessions have given me a lot of muscle tenderness, but I really missed that sensation – the feeling of a job well done.

Week 4: I’ve lost 20 pounds over the course of this challenge (I would say a month – but I procrastinated BIG time) and am feeling great! I’ve noticed that my walks are getting longer and my energy is steadily increasing. I feel more confident and capable than I did a month ago. I’m so happy to be back in my yogi groove and feel ready to conquer the world!

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30 day yoga challenge - SarahBeth Yoga - Weight Loss - Exercise Program


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