5 Reasons Why Breastfeeding Is Incredible

You’ve probably heard all the reasons that the “breast is best”. It reads your babies saliva and adapts according to age, time of day and infection. It boosts baby’s immune system. It has an abundance of good fats, yet decreases the chance of obesity later in life. It helps build your baby’s brain in ways formula cannot.

I could go on and on. But I’m here to tell you some other reasons that breastfeeding is absolutely incredible.

1. You can’t comfort feed with a bottle. “What? He’s crying again? I literally fed him five minutes ago!” It’s the anthem of every new mom. When this happens, and it does at least once a day for us, I whip out the other boob and stick it in his mouth. 90% of the time it shuts him up and he forgets why he was crying in the first place. If my breast is pouring out milk, it’s because he hasn’t eaten in a while. If it is empty, my breast knows he isn’t hungry, then it is simply a warm, soft and comforting pacifier that works like a charm every time and you can’t overfeed! How can you beat that?

2. It takes WAY less effort, as it can literally be whipped out in seconds. No matter where you are or what you are doing, you can just stick it in. You don’t need anything except for your body. HOW EASY IS THAT?!

3. More sleep. At night, I’m awake for about three minutes. 1. Readjust baby. 2. Insert boob. 3. Fall back asleep.

4. You have an actual excuse to sit around and snuggle a baby all day. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a lazy homebody. It takes quite an event to get me out of the house… and a miracle to get me out of the house in real clothes. I love to be at home, work at home and stay in my comfy clothes all day. I especially hate wearing bras. What better excuse to do ALL of those things than “I can’t. My baby needs to eat”.

5. There is nothing more amazing than your baby looking up at you from your breast in awe and love, knowing that you are providing for him. My favorite is when he reaches up to touch my face, almost as if to make sure I’m still there. When he falls asleep while nursing, we just sit and snuggle…our skin touching and bonding in a way no one else can with him.

Yes, I have a kid hanging off of me for about eight hours every day. It gets old.

Yes, I have sore and leaking boobs. It’s annoying.

Yes, I have to plan my day according to when he might need to eat… and then I have to change it constantly when his demands change. It’s frustrating.

But it’s all worth it when he looks up at me with his big blue eyes and reaches up his soft, chubby hand to rub my face. Almost like he knows how much I do for him – almost like those big eyes are saying thanks, mommy… I love you. ❤️



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