Product Review: L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay System

Disclaimer: This is a voluntary product review. I am getting absolutely no compensation for this review. This is all my personal opinion. No one has persuaded me to try this product, I simply wanted to share my great finding with you!

I’ve always had issues with my hair. It’s not bad hair by any means! I’m thankful that I have smooth, shiny, manageable hair.

But I’ve never liked that it gets greasy, stringy, tangly and flat. It seems like no matter what shampoo I have used, it was the same. No matter how promising that ‘volumizing’ system seemed, it didn’t do the trick for me.

A few months ago, I tried out the Monat hair products that a friend was selling. It really made my hair better, but it wasn’t great enough that I could justify the cost ($85 every other month). You can read about my experience here.

After becoming very frustrated with the state of my hair, I googled “cheaper Monat alternatives”. Out of the many options (most of them still too pricey for my liking) I saw this: L’Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay System.

On Amazon I found them for $2.99 each (Shampoo and Conditioner) as “add on items” for prime members. I also saw them later at Walmart for $3.99 each, which isn’t bad at all.

The system promises to provide results for those with greasy roots and dry/sticky ends which is EXACTLY what I’ve been dealing with my entire life! I was so stoked to try it out.

I ended up ordering the Shampoo and Conditioner (the clay mask was the only item in the system I haven’t tried). I’ve been using them for a month now and here was my experience:

1st week: My hair felt really sticky… almost like I left some product in there. It was voluminous and wavy like you wouldn’t believe, but definitely felt goopy. I resigned myself to the fate of my sticky, gross hair and almost gave up on the product.

2nd week: MAGIC! My hair suddenly became thick, glorious and shiny! I’m talking BEAUTIFUL. I’m talking MONAT LEVEL BEAUTIFUL for $6!

My only complaint would be that it’s definitely on the strong, perfume-y side, but it doesn’t personally bother me. I don’t feel like it leaves too strong of a smell after the wash. It’s there but it’s faint.

The product promises 48 hours of grease-free roots and let me tell you that’s EXACTLY what I get! It’s 48 hours of perfect hair and then BOOM it’s greasy. Quite amazing, really. This is also how long my hair was lasting with Monat.

I would definitely guarantee this shampoo to anyone who is looking for a cheap way to keep up beautiful hair! I have only tried the clay system specifically made for greasy roots and dry ends. This brand also has these lines:

Black: Elvive Total Repair Line

Purple: Elvive Volumizing Line 

Gold: Elvive Deep Nourishing Line 

Red: Elvive Color Treated Line

Pink: Elvive Intense Polishing Line

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