5 Reasons The 2nd Trimester Is The Best

If you’re a mama in your 1st trimester feeling absolutely miserable, I’ve got some GREAT news for you. In almost all normal pregnancies the 2nd trimester is the best trimester!

It’s a well known fact that during months 4-7 you feel happier, more energetic, and much less moody and nauseous than you have the first 3 months.

What about months 7-9? Not to be a Debbie downer but… those can be pretty weary depending how big you get. Not to mention pelvic pain, peeing ALL the time, and all that pressure your baby is putting on your cervix. While the 3rd trimester has it’s own happiness, it’s definitely not the easiest part of pregnancy.

The 2nd trimester is full of joys and relief that helps you forget about the horrors of the 1st trimester and gets you rested and rejuvenated to give you the gumption to get through the 3rd! Here are my 5 favorite things about the 2nd trimester.

You feel amazing.

You stop falling asleep randomly. Your nausea has mostly gone away. Your emotions and hormones have leveled out as you’ve gotten more used to getting pregnant. You have more enthusiasm for things. You are feeling comfortable being pregnant, but it hasn’t been so long that you’re tired of it yet.

You finally get to feel that baby kick & find out the gender.

Two of the most exciting parts of pregnancy and they both happen in the 2nd trimester! While some moms are not fans of the constant kicks, the first ones are so comforting and exciting for all of us. It’s a reminder that baby is safe and sound in there and growing like he or she is supposed to. And if you’re wanting to find out the gender, now is the time for that exciting reveal as well! Thing are feeling more and more real by the second, aren’t they?

The chance of miscarriage drops to less than 1%.

Breathe easy. Your baby has all his organs and looks like a real little human in there! The chances of losing the pregnancy are less than 1% at 13 weeks and I know that all the mamas can agree with me on this one… that’s the most relieving thing about the 2nd trimester!

You look GREAT.

Your boobs are big, but not so tender anymore. That hair and nail growth is really starting to show. Your bump is big enough to look cute and pregnant, but not so big that you look like a sweaty hippo. That pregnancy “glow” is starting to show on your face. You’ve rounded out a little bit, but aren’t so swollen that you look like your own circus act.

You begin to finally feel like yourself again.

The 1st trimester can be rough for some of us. Maybe yours was not so bad, but from what I’ve heard from other fellow mothers most of us have a pretty bad time those first 3 months. It can ruin our moods, emotions, and appetites. You might have lost a lot of weight from vomiting, or gained a lot of weight from bloating/constipation/cravings. Most of us are so exhausted and grumpy we just don’t feel like doing much. Some of us even have depression and anxiety.

But, praise the Lord, here comes the 2nd trimester! There’s still hope that you won’t have a terrible pregnancy, I promise you. I hope that you can resonate with all the things on this list.

What was your favorite part of the 2nd trimester? 

5 reasons the second 2nd trimester is the best part of pregnancy what to expect


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