Baby Girl Names

There are few things as daunting in this life as choosing the perfect name for your child. Not only do you have to pick something that you like, that you think they will like, that sounds good with your last name, and that seems to work for their individuality, you must make that decision with your partner. If you need tips on where to start and how to narrow down your list, check out my blog post on finding the perfect baby name.

While a list of baby names seems silly to be writing out as a blog post, I know that when I’ve been searching for a perfect name it was much more helpful to have a more condensed list of someone else’s favorites to browse than an alphabetical list of every name that exists.

This is my personal list of favorites. While we may not share the same style and preferences, hopefully this is a place for you to start and narrow down some names that you do and don’t like. I’ve added their meanings, origin, nicknames, and similar names. I hope these are helpful to you in your pursuit! Good luck!


Means: Noble

Origin: French/English

Nicknames: Addie, Addy, Ada

Similar names: Adelaide, Audrey, Adele, Addison, Angelina, Ilene, Irene, Cora


Means: Beloved

Origin: French/English

Similar names: Amy, Amelia, Mia, Maya, Emelia, Jessa, Karis, Charlize, Ashleigh


Means: God is my strength

Origin: French/English

Nicknames: Bri

Similar names: Brienne, Brianna, Brenna, Bria, Bailey, Brynlee, Britta, Arielle, Giselle,


Means: Warrior

Origin: European

Nicknames: Carrie

Similar names: Carolyn, Carol, Catherine, Coraline, Cara, Lena, Callie, Grace, Madeline


Means: Heavenly

Origin: Italian

Nicknames: Celia, Cece, Este

Similar names: Cecelia, Juliet, Celine, Felicity, Blythe, Carmen, Jasmine, Cecily


Means: Clear

Origin: European/Spanish/Italian

Similar names: Clarise, Alice, Clarabelle, Hattie, Cordelia, Aurora, Jane, Louise


Means: Warrior

Origin: European

Nicknames: Charlie, Lottie

Similar names: Caroline, Charlene, Cherie, Cherise, Carla, Charlize, Stellera, Penelope


Means: Like her mother

Origin: English

Nicknames: Nora, Ellie, Elle, Nellie,

Similar names: Eleanore, Nora, Jane, Laura, Julianna, Alice, Clara, Florence, Vivian


Means: Healthy

Origin: English/German

Nicknames: Ellie

Similar names: Elsie, Ella, Phoebe, Dorothy, Vivian, Alice, Jane, Eliza, Mabel, Daisy, Stella


Means: my God has answered

Origin: Hebrew

Nicknames: Ellie, Yana, Lia

Similar names: Elena, Eliora, Eliza, Ariana, Julianna, Lilliana, Gianna


Means: Star


Nicknames: Essie

Similar names: Naomi, Estelle, Juliet, Miriam, Esme, Ruth, Harriet


Means: Desired

Origin: English/French/German

Nicknames: Evie, Lyn, Eve, Eva

Similar names: Eve, Evette, Everly, Eden, Everly, Alice, Cora, Lydia, Amelia


Means: Bearer of good news

Origin: Greek

Nicknames: Eva, Lina, Angel, Eve

Similar names: Eyva, Ava, Emmaline, Vivian, Angelina, Jane, Ilene, Irene, Abilene


Means: Intense happiness

Origin: Latin

Nicknames: Lissie

Similar names: Fiona, Noel, Merry, Virginia, Selah, Holly, Genevieve, Cordelia, Juliet


Means: White ring

Origin: Welsh

Nicknames: Gwen/Gwyn

Similar names: Gwynevere, Genevieve, Gemma, Matilda, Imogen, Hermione, Elspeth


Means: Grace

Origin: Hebrew

Similar names: Anna, Sarah, Mary, Elizabeth, Laura, Leah, Abigail, Rebecca, Rachel


Means: the color hazel

Origin: English

Similar names: Violet, Scarlett, Azalea, Everly, Ember, Paisley, Mabel, Willow, Olive


Means: Myrtle tree

Origin: Hebrew

Nicknames: Dess, Dessa, Haddie

Similar names: Esther, Anastasia, Ruth, Lorelei, Abigail, Rebekah, Esther, Elisabeth


Means: Harmony

Origin: English/Greek

Nicknames: Harmie, Mo

Similar names: Melody, Lyric, Estelle, Merry, Serenity, Mercy, Hope, Selah, Cadence


Means: Noble

Origin: German

Nicknames: “Heidi” is a nickname for “Adelaide”

Similar names: Margo, Matilda, Hattie, Edith, Cora, Dorothy, Louise, Abilene, Harriet, Agnes, Ingrid


Means: Pledged to God

Origin: German

Nicknames: Lesie, Lese

Similar names: Elise, Ilene, Irene, Jeanne, Leah, Alice, Elsa, Jane, Ava, Eliana, Lydia


Means: Pledged to God

Origin: French

Nicknames: Izzy, Isa, Belle

Similar names: Isabella, Elisabeth, Gabriella, Belle, Annabelle, Julianna, Anneliese


Means: Jehovah increases

Origin: French

Nicknames: Josie

Similar names: Lorraine, Jacquelyn, Lorelei, Charlotte, Margaret, Penelope, Caroline


Means: Youthful

Origin: English

Nicknames: Julie, Jules, Julia

Similar names: Lucille, Julianne, Viola, Aurora, Scarlett, Charlotte, Alice, Genevieve


Means: Light

Origin: French

Nicknames: Lucy

Similar names: Lucinda, Juliet, Matilda, Edith, Abilene, Genevieve, Charlotte, Beatrice


Means: Beautiful/Noble

Origin: Greek

Nicknames: Lydi

Similar names: Olivia, Lorraine, Viola, Alice, Clara, Amelia, Lucille, Margaret, Felicity


Means: High tower

Origin: Aramaic

Nicknames: Maggie, Magda, Mags

Similar names: Margaret, Magdala, Magnolia, Madelyn, Madeline, Martha, Abilene


Means: Rebellious

Origin: Hawaiian/American

Nicknames: Mia, Mal

Similar names: Maya, Mia, Leah, Aliyah, Mariea, Kaia, Selah, Taryn, Haleigh, Blakely


Means: Pleasant seaside meadow

Origin: English

Similar names: Sloane, Harper, Eliot, Sawyer, Finley, Ember


Means: Gentle strength

Origin: English

Nicknames: Millie, Mills

Similar names: Millicent, Molly, Lilly, Lillian, Heidi, Mila, Shirley, Martha, Gwendolyn


Means: Olive tree

Origin: English

Similar names: Lydia, Olivia, Jane, Phoebe, Viola, Hazel, Mabel, Juniper, Wren, Flora


Means: Raider

Origin: Irish

Similar names: Piper, London, Sienna, Presley, Sawyer, Eliot, Quinn, Wren, Hadley


Means: Wise

Origin: French

Nicknames: Soph, Feefee

Similar names: Sophie, Sadie, Piper, Lily, Emma, Olivia, Ella, Chloe, Grace, Lucy


Means: Alive

Origin: English/Swedish/Dutch

Nicknames: Viv

Similar names: Viva, Violet, Virginia, Vera, Genevieve, Scarlett, Evelyn, Olivia

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