Baby Boy Names

There are few things as daunting in this life as choosing the perfect name for your child. Not only do you have to pick something that you like, that you think they will like, that sounds good with your last name, and that seems to work for their individuality, you must make that decision with your partner. If you need tips on where to start and how to narrow down your list, check out my blog post on finding the perfect baby name.

While a list of baby names seems silly to be writing out as a blog post, I know that when I’ve been searching for a perfect name it was much more helpful to have a more condensed list of someone else’s favorites to browse than an alphabetical list of every name that exists.

This is my personal list of favorites. While we may not share the same style and preferences, hopefully this is a place for you to start and narrow down some names that you do and don’t like. I’ve added their meanings, origin, nicknames, and similar names. I hope these are helpful to you in your pursuit! Good luck!


Means: Exalted

Origin: Hebrew

Nicknames: Abe, Abie, Bram

Similar names: Abraham, Isaac, Joshua, Caleb, Amos, Abel, Ezekiel, Solomon, Abner


Means: Blessed

Origin: English

Nicknames: Ben

Similar names: Benedict, Benjamin, Reuben, Maxwell, Gregory, Jameson, Vincent


Means: Whole heartedly devoted to God

Origin: Hebrew

Similar names: Seth, Jonah, Judah, Micah, Joshua, Benjamin, Elijah, Aaron, Daniel 


Means: Hero

Origin: Irish

Similar names: Conlan, Finnegan, Finley, Quinn, Bradley, Emerson, Maxwell, Calvin


Means: God is my judge

Origin: Hebrew

Nicknames: Danny, Dan

Similar names: David, Samuel, Gabriel, Nathaniel, Josiah, Joshua, Caleb, Aaron, Jacob


Means: My God is Yahweh

Origin: Hebrew

Nicknames: Eli

Similar names: Elijah, Micah, Elliott, Judah, Caleb, Josiah, Ezekiel, Isaac, Samuel, Joshua


Means: God strengthens

Origin: Hebrew

Nicknames: Zeke

Similar names: Ezra, Malachi, Abram, Zechariah, Hezekiah, Isaiah, Elias, Josiah


Means: Fair

Origin: Irish/Scottish

Nicknames: Finn

Similar names: Finley, Conley, Maxwell, Gregory, Quinn, Bradley, Callahan, Sullivan


Means: God is my strength

Origin: Hebrew

Nicknames: Gabe

Similar names: Daniel, Samuel, Nathaniel, Elijah,  Isaac, Isaiah, Caleb, Zachariah


Means: Shining Pledge

Origin: German

Nicknames: Gil, Bert

Similar names: Gibson, Wilbur, Phillip, William, Calvin, Albert, Robert, Edwin, Sawyer


Means: Watchful

Origin: Greek

Nicknames: Greg

Similar names: Nicholas, Bennett, Jameson, Maxwell, Vincent, Wesley, Bradley, Timothy


Means: Laughter

Origin: Hebrew

Nicknames: Zac

Similar names: Isaiah, Micah, Elijah, Seth, Levi, Noah, Abram, Jonah, Ezra, Benjamin


Means: Son of James

Origin: English

Nicknames: James, Jamie

Similar names: Maxwell, Finnegan, Harrison, Bennett, Elliott, Remington, Jackson


Means: Appointed by God

Origin: Hebrew

Nicknames: Jere, Jeremy, Miah, Remy

Similar names: Isaiah, Josiah, Nathaniel, Nehemiah, Joshua, Jedidiah, Joseph, Elijah


Means: God supports

Origin: Hebrew

Nicknames: Joe, Siah

Similar names: Joseph, Isaiah, Joshua, Caleb, Elias, Micaiah, Jeremiah, Jedidiah, Elijah


Means: Praise

Origin: Hebrew

Nicknames: Jude

Similar names: Jonah, Caleb, Jonas, Lance, Elias, Micah, Amos, Tobias, Zion, Shiloh


Means: Servant

Origin: French

Similar names: Seth, Jude, Rhett, Landon, Rowen, Sawyer, James, Toby, Bennet, Wesley


Means: Protector

Origin: Irish

Similar names: William, Judah, Tobias, Wesley, Jamie, Finley, Rhett, Declan, Owen


Means: Town by the pool

Origin: English

Nicknames: Linc

Similar names: Bennett, Wesley, Elliott, Wesley, Tobias, William, Jamison, Graham


Means: Great stream

Origin: Scottish

Nicknames: Max

Similar names: Alexander, Nicholas, Gregory, Finnegan, Vincent, William, Harrison


Means: Who is like God?

Origin: Hebrew

Nicknames: Mic

Similar names: Micah, Malachi, Isaiah, Judah, Josiah, Elijah, Noah, Ezra, Silas, Simon


Means: Gift of God

Origin: Hebrew

Nicknames: Eli

Similar names: Daniel, Jeremiah, Josiah, Isaiah, Benjamin, William, Timothy, Nehemiah


Means: Peaceful

Origin: Latin

Nicknames: Ollie

Similar names: Henry, Charlie, Elliott, Vincent, William, Landon, Finley, Rhett, Bennett


Means: Behold, a son

Origin: Hebrew

Nicknames: Ben, Rue

Similar names: Benjamin, Bennett, Rhett, Landon, Simeon, Rufus, Judah, Boaz, Gideon


Means: God heard

Origin: Hebrew

Nicknames: Sam, Sammy

Similar names: Samson, Eli, Daniel, Gabriel, Nathaniel, Simon, Benjamin, Thomas


Means: Appointed

Origin: Hebrew

Similar names: Cain, Abel, Adam, Lance, Jude, Caleb, Jonah, Luke, Aaron, Jared, Ethan


Means: Honoring to God

Origin: Greek

Nicknames: Tim, Timmie

Similar names: Thomas, Stephen, Marcus, Patrick, Michael, Nicholas, Robert, Nathaniel


Means: God is good

Origin: Greek

Nicknames: Toby

Similar names: Thaddeus, Elias, Atticus, Amos, Silas, Jonah, Judah, Caleb, Lance, Nolan


Means: Conqueror

Origin: Latin

Nicknames: Vince

Similar names: Victor, William, Charles, Arthur, Dominic, Quentin, Calvin, Magnus


Means: Western Meadow

Origin: English

Nicknames: Wes

Similar names: Weston, William, Landon, Emmett, Elliott, Bennet, Flynn, Theodore


Means: The Lord has remembered

Origin: Hebrew

Nicknames: Zach

Similar names: Zachariah, Zacharias, Zahkar, Zaccheus, Zebadiah, Zebulun, Ezekiel

31 Baby Boy Names





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