Quick & Easy Bean Dip

I absolutely love Mexican food. I’m always down to go to a Mexican restaurant of any sort, and we make it here at home at least once a week.

When I was growing up, my mom and I would sometimes get out a can of refried beans and microwave it. Then we mixed in sour cream and cheese until it was a gooey, poop colored mixture. It was a perfect late night snack while we “girl-talked” and chomped down tortilla chips.

Not long after I starting dating my (now) husband, we went over to his parent’s home for supper. His mother had set out a beautiful plate of bean dip as an appetizer to our Mexican meal. It looked so perfect I didn’t want to eat it!

Now, this perfectly presented bean dip is a quick go-to for when I’m craving Mexican, but don’t have all the ingredients OR enough time to make a full meal. ]

My favorite part about this dip is that no matter what ingredients I have on hand, it can be made! It consists of 4 basic layers:

1. BEANS are the only absolute must, of course (it is bean dip after all). A regular old can of refried beans. or any kind of beans you have on hand mashed up.

2. DAIRY. Sour cream or plain Greek yogurt are my go-to’s.

3. VEGGIES. I usually just use regular salsa. You could also use fresh veggies, cilantro, chives, olives, peppers, onions, etc. Depends how fancy you want to get!

4. CHEESE. Shred any kind of cheese on top to finish off your dip!

Just get out a plate and spread each layer on with a spoon. I like to bring each layer in a little closer to the middle so that you can see each ingredient from the top (that’s what makes it look so pretty!).

And there you have it! Quick & easy bean dip with things you already have in your fridge. ENJOY!
Quick & Easy Bean Dip.png


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