As we move into wedding season, we are going to be bombarded by this one little word:


It’s something that no one seems to really understand. We have so many different kinds of loves… we LOVE our families, we LOVE that car, we LOVE french fries. And, of course, we LOVE our significant other.

But isn’t there more to it than that?

Maybe so many people get divorced because they think those butterflies are LOVE. So often, we don’t get the big picture – that LOVE comes from a decision we make, a commitment to put another human being first.

It didn’t hit me until just recently that our LOVE towards God is no different in that sense.

Sometimes, we make our proclamation of LOVE to the Lord simply because of how he makes us feel. He gives us butterflies, his Spirit overflows in us and we feel his fire. And it is amazing. I will give you that.

But what is there when the hard times come? When you don’t feel that fire? When it’s no longer warm and fuzzy, and it’s just plain old hard? What is that love now?

What if we chose to LOVE on the sole basis of a humble decision to put ourselves last? If we knew that this would be a sacrificial choice and that the lovey-dovey feelings may or may not always come along with it?

Are you willing to choose God no matter what the cost? 



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