Bible In A Year Plan (that will really work!)

Every year I start with these big aspirations of what I want to do. I have all these goals and pretty pictures of who I'm going to become within the next year. But when Christmas rolls around, and I find that list of last years "resolutions", I'm often met with a big old thud in … Continue reading Bible In A Year Plan (that will really work!)


I Have Decided

I remember last fall, during a worship night at school, I have decided to follow Jesus came on. It is such a simple song that I have sang my entire life. But for the first time, I realized what those words actually meant. I have decided to follow Jesus.  Though none go with me, I still … Continue reading I Have Decided


As we move into wedding season, we are going to be bombarded by this one little word: LOVE. It’s something that no one seems to really understand. We have so many different kinds of loves… we LOVE our families, we LOVE that car, we LOVE french fries. And, of course, we LOVE our significant other. But … Continue reading LOVE