3 Ingredient Fruit Dip

I have always loved fruit dip. I love fruit, but it’s even better with a fluffy, creamy and savory dip. For some reason, it seemed like a complicated thing to make, and I’m not really sure why I ever thought that.

While scrolling through Pinterest, I saw a link to a “healthy” fruit dip. (Let it be known, I pinned it because it had 3 ingredients – not because it was healthy.) I had suspected that it could be nasty but decided to try it just for kicks and giggles.

One afternoon, I finally whipped it up and set it out for my husband. He LOVED it. My baby loved it too all by itself! And guys… it is SO easy. Whether you are currently on a diet or not, you can enjoy this delicious fruit dip – quick, easy and cheap!

“Fattie” Fruit Dip                                                        “Healthy” Fruit Dip

8 oz. block cream cheese                                                      8 oz. block light cream cheese 

1 cup vanilla yogurt                                                               1 cup nonfat vanilla Greek yogurt 

1/4 cup powdered sugar                                                        1 TBS honey 

Use a mixer to combine all ingredients. Enjoy. 🙂

3 ingredient fruit dip - quick + easy snack / appetizer recipe


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