5 Things I Love About Being A Boy Mom

“After having two boys, your father and I thought we were never going to have a girl! It just seemed weird and impossible.” 

I’ve heard the story of my birth too many times to count, and every single time my mom says this. Apparently, they never thought I was going to happen.

My mama says she prayed her whole pregnancy with me that God would give her a baby girl – and he did!

I never quite understood what she meant by saying that they never thought they would have a girl. It seemed strange to me. In fact, after all was said and done, they ended up with three boys and FIVE girls!

But, now that I’ve had my son… I get it.

I have one child, yet I see myself as a “boy mom”. I can’t even picture myself being a “girl mom”. I honestly cannot believe that when I got pregnant, I hoped it was a girl. Having a boy just seems so right.

And while I’m stoked to someday have a little girl, right now I am an all boy mom, and I’m loving every second of it! Maybe someday I’ll be writing about the things I love about having a daughter. But for now, here are five things that I absolutely love about being mommy to my little boy.

  1. No big emotions to deal with. My son is loud, overbearing, messy, ridiculous and so many other things. I know this isn’t the case for all boys – but for mine, emotional is not one of those things. When he falls, he usually laughs and says “boom!”. When I discipline him, he just continues on like nothing happened. While I’m imagining this may be frustrating in the future, it is nice right now that he doesn’t get his feelings hurt. The world is his playground and he doesn’t mind when things are a little different than he expected.
  2. Violent play is welcome and enjoyed. I grew up with two older brothers and one younger brother. The four little sisters came much later in life, and I really was more like their mother. Most of my childhood days were spent playing cars, dinosaurs, riding bikes, building forts, and “surviving” in the woods with my brothers. I was often targeted in 3 to 1 wrestling matches where I had to fend for myself. Even though I loved having my own private girl time, I also loved every bit of playtime with my brothers – it’s part of my childhood I would never want to give up. I love that I can roughhouse with my little boy and he just squeals in delight. We have so much fun together.
  3. Getting ready is simple, fast and easy. I am NOT good at fashion. The closest I come to a fashionable outfit for myself is when I add a dangly necklace to jeans and a cute sweater. I feel pretty proud of myself when that happens, and that’s the best it gets. I’m really glad that in this phase of life, I don’t have to worry about buying girl outfits. I would be far too tempted to buy all the cute little frilly things and would spend far too much money and be overwhelmed trying to put the perfect outfits together. With my son, pretty much any shirt and pants combo goes, and we love how simple it is. And let’s not even get started on girl’s hair. Hopefully, it will be years before I’ll have to be doing braids, buns, and ponytails.
  4. He is teaching me to let go of my perfectionist. I have always been a perfectionist. I would rather just not deal with the messy, dangerous things and lead a calm, clean and peaceful lifestyle. However, none of that is happening with a son in the house. He constantly destroys stuff, rips things to shreds, sucks on dirty objects, rummages through the trash, and finds extremely creative ways to hurt himself. I’ve had to let go of some of the things I thought were important and to worry about things less.
  5. Seeing him look up to his daddy makes my whole heart melt. My son and I have a really special bond. There is something so wonderful and beautiful there. I love our snuggles, playtime, and all the days we spend just doing life together. But there is something extra unique about his love for his father. When he sees daddy, he knows that he wants to be like him. It’s crazy how much it is just in his gut. He’s only a year old, and he knows that mommy takes care of him, but that he is gonna be like daddy someday. They share love for tractors, ice cream and mommy, and I’m sure that list will get bigger and bigger as he grows older.


What do you love about your little boy?


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