9 Tips To Make Your House Shine [Guest Post]

Home is a place where you relax and rewind after a long, tiring and stressful day at work but it is important that your home is clean, tidy and beautiful so that you will have a comfortable place to stay at the end of the day.

Hence you will need to look at 9 cleaning tips and tricks supported by Simplymaid to make your home shine so that you can do the cleaning effectively. This will help your home to get a shine like never before as you can benefit from these tips and tricks to give a beautiful and attractive look to your home.

The 9 tips and tricks to make your home shine includes:

Importance of Vacuuming

The best way to make your home shine is to use your vacuum cleaner as it will help you get rid of all the accumulation of dust and dirt so that your home will look attractive and beautiful.

Avoid Chemical-Based Products

If you want the furniture, fixtures, and upholstery to last for many years without the need of replacing them then it is important that you go for green products. Using chemical products can be harmful to your health as well as the environment.

Don’t Forget to Clean Your Carpets

The carpet is the most important thing that is noticed by your guests and visitors, but it also has the tendency to accumulate a large amount of dust, dirt, and grime. Therefore it is important that you hire professionals for regular carpet cleaning if you want to make your home shine.

The carpets also have huge sources of fibers that absorb dust quickly thereby causing health problems for people living in the household. Hence cleaning of the carpets regularly is very important for enhancing its lifespan and preventing health problems of the family members.

Use Hot Rag for Deep Cleaning

The dirt and grease buildup in the kitchen cabinets can be cleaned with the use of hot rag as it will help you leave a shiny coating on the cabinets. You can use the hot rag on any surface in the kitchen, bathroom or any other surfaces for making it look clean, shiny and beautiful.

Dust with Dryer

You can dust the blankets, pillows, drapes and other textiles that tends to trap a lot of dust, dirt, and moisture. Making use of your dryer for this will help you get the best cleaning in a short time.

Clean Window Tracks

Using a mixture of vinegar and baking soda will help you clean the window tracks easily so that your home will shine and you will be able to impress your guests.

Go For Tile and Grout Cleaning

A sparkling clean bathroom is an important part of your home and you should stress the importance of cleaning it regularly if you want your home to look amazing. 

Polish Your Furniture

You can use a mixture of vinegar and iodine to help you to polish your furniture so that it will look as good as new and you will be able to make your home shine.


My most important cleaning tip: dust everything inside your home every day so that your home will look attractive to your guests! 

About The Author 

Hi! My name is Sury Jane. I’m a food lover and social media enthusiast. I write about a wide range of socio-cultural topics, foods, gifting, and DIY. I’m a passionate green-enthusiast and love gardening, blogging, and writing.

9 cleaning tips and hacks to make your house shine written by a maid


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