“She Reads Truth” Bible Review

When I was 13, my grandmother bought me this Bible. Although I had many Bibles, this was IT!

I began reading that evening, running to hide away in my room and soak up the Word of God. And that Bible became so well-loved that pages would just fall out. Many books were duct-taped together and the edges were rust colored and wrinkled like an old newspaper.

Eventually, at about age 22, I started to get a little self-conscious of my bright pink Bible (the version I linked to is different – they don’t make the version I have anymore!) with sharpie all over it. I knew I needed something to start my new season of life with.

So, off to Amazon, I went. I tried a few Bibles and just didn’t really find what I was looking for. Without a Bible that really spoke to me, was easy to read, or inspired me, my quiet times were really hard.

Then I came across the CBS She Reads Truth Bible. I was so anxious for it to arrive, and when it did, I was so overjoyed! This Bible was absolutely everything I had been looking for.


It is beautiful!

This Bible has gorgeous lettering & floral designs throughout, but it isn’t on every page. I’ve seen Bible’s like that before and they aren’t what I prefer. This Bible has one passage for each book of the Bible that is drawn in a beautiful design. I love the color scheme chosen. It is truly gorgeous all over.


It comes in a variety of colors & styles.

I loved that I had the options of many different beautiful colors, as well as hardcover or leather. I really love the hardcover for writing and doodling in my Bible, but I am a little worried about whether or not it will hold up. I also love that this Bible has two markers – so you can have one in the Old Testament and one in the New!


It comes in a beautiful casing.

This makes it perfect for gift giving & storage.


There is room for doodling.

I absolutely love how much space there is in this Bible! You can leave it plain if you like that, or you can fill it up with drawings & notes.


It includes a Bible Reading plan.

Though I haven’t tried it yet (I was mid-plan when I bought the Bible), I am so excited to try it next year! At the beginning of each book of the Bible, there is a plan for reading through that book, along with other passages in scripture that help you to understand what is going on. Each book also has 1-3 pages explaining the context, historical and geographical information on the book.


Large print.

The print is SO nice to read. Plus, I love the little devotionals scattered evenly throughout the scripture.


I love the version!

She Reads Truth Bible is in the CSB version (Christian Standard Bible). I did not have high expectations for this version. While I know that ESV is most accurate, I really dislike reading it. I am an NIV girl, and I was really hoping the CSB would read similarly. And it does! So far, I have noticed no accuracy problems (I have read many versions of the Bible and compare a lot) and it is so easy to read.




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