The PERFECT “mom-bod” undies

If you are a mother, then it isn’t news to you that pregnancy and breastfeeding change a LOT about your old body. Things that were taut and smooth are now saggy and textured… it’s a big old bummer, but as there’s nothing you can do about it that isn’t crazy expensive, most of us are left wondering how to be comfortable in our own skin.

Personally, with weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, I’ve become completely confident in myself…. when I am dressed. The big problem for me is when I’m at home with my husband, trying so hard to feel attractive in, well… less clothing.

And, even with great clothes on, I am still sometimes left feeling less than satisfied with the way my clothing lays because all that fits me comfortably is grandma underwear.

Now, I know that all “mom-bods” are not created equal. My problem area is the “c-section pouch” as I’ve heard it called before. About a year after my son was born, I had managed to get back down to the weight I was as a teenager. So I pulled out my old underwear, completely ecstatic to get back into it!

It’s probably no surprise to you that it didn’t exactly fit… While my hips didn’t change like I’ve heard some mom’s say happened to them, my belly had changed. And low rise bikini undies no longer do the trick for me.ย 

So, I resorted to Hanes cotton brief underwear. You know what I’m talking about. The underwear your mother has worn for years and as a teenager you gawked at them and swore you’d never EVER wear something so hideous.

And here I am. Wearing it.

My husband is less than thrilled. I mean, I’m not jumping for joy about it either. But let’s be real…. My pouch has GOT to be covered (for comfort and visual appeal alike).

So I went on a mission to find underwear that did the following:

  • Was high-waisted, at least covering my pouch
  • Had some sort of lace or “cute” addition (not just cotton with elastic waistband)
  • Comfortable

After scoring the internet to find the perfect underwear, I came across theseย on Amazon.ย $30 for 6 pairs, NOT Amazon Prime, shipping about a month. I wasn’t thrilled (as I usually look for Prime items to get to me quickly)… but I went for it because this was the best thing I had found so far!

I received the underwear in about 2 weeks, which was a lot sooner than I expected! Here’s what I experienced with it:

  • It was SO soft. The way the material held in and smoothed out my bumps and lumps was incredible! So soft and smooth against my skin.
  • The lace stayed put! I think the size was just an ounce too tight for me, so it rolled just a little bit at the very top, but a lot of lace undies I have tried before rolled all the way down underneath my pouch.
  • They ran VERY small. I believe these are from an asian company, which is why they took so long to get here, and why the sizing was so off. I ordered the large underwear and I typically am a size 6, which would normally be a medium. I ordered a large because of reviews saying they ran small. I think I would have been well-off ordering the extra large!
  • There was a seam right up the middle of the butt. This part isn’t terrible, but it is a little annoying and not what I would choose if I could make my perfect underwear.
  • Looks so attractive. Guys, I haven’t thought I looked sexy in underwear since the day I gave birth… 19 months ago. Slipping on this underwear was a miracle!!! I got 6 colors, 2 of which were shades of pink. Both pink pairs you could see through, which was very strange considering that the others were thick and smoothing and covered all. The 4 darker pairs are so flattering though and look so nice and cute.

I would HIGHLY recommend these to any woman looking for underwear to flatter her postpartum body! I would advise getting two sizes larger than you would normally wear.

Here’s to confidence in your beauty, no matter your size or shape! ๐Ÿ™‚

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