Why Be A Stay At Home Mom?

When I got pregnant, there wasn’t a question in my mind. There wasn’t a long discussion with the husband. I wasn’t having a battle in my mind about what I wanted to do.

I was going to stay at home.

The way my mama did. The way my mother-in-law did. The way I had always wanted to.

That’s what my husband wanted, and that’s what I wanted: more than anything.

But, why stay at home?

In my humble opinion, being a stay at home mother is like breastfeeding.

We have all heard the old adage that “breast is best”… and no one is going to argue that.

Breastfeeding is almost always the healthiest and best choice for a baby.

But it’s NOT always the healthiest choice for the mother or the family. And we have all accepted that. Some circumstances dictate that formula be used, whether that’s for physical, mental or emotional reasons.

I have come to see that staying at home is very similar to breastfeeding.

Having at least one parent at home with the kids IS the best option. I don’t know that anyone could really debate this.

It is NOT best for an infant to be in day care.

It is NOT best for an infant to be cared for by others and be in a group setting all day every day.

I believe that, if possible, either the mother or father should be at home with the kids. I think it’s a beautiful thing that leads to a strong, healthy family unit.

However, I am very aware that staying at home is not always best in every circumstance.

Just as some mamas can’t, struggle to, or don’t WANT to breastfeed….

Some mamas can’t afford to stay at home.

Some mamas would go mentally insane if they stayed at home.

Some mamas WANT to work.

So, why have I chosen to stay at home?

Because I am a homebody.

Because I love that there is no pressure on me from outside the home.

Because I am with my child all day, and I truly do love that.

Because I don’t have to worry about my child’s well-being all day.

Because I would go mentally insane with the pressure of being a working mom.

Because I love having a clean home and a relaxed routine.

Because I wouldn’t be able to give my home and family priority if I was working.

Because I am able to volunteer in so many ways to help others.

Because I am chronically exhausted and need a relaxed routine to keep up.

Because I am able to develop and keep up with friendships more easily than if I were working.

Because I have anxiety and OCD and love that I am able to keep my life in order.

Because I have TIME to do the things I need to do as well as the things that I enjoy.

Because I am content.

Because my dream was always to be a mommy, and now that I am one I don’t want to lose a single moment of it.

Leave a comment and tell me why you’ve chosen to be a stay at home mom, or if you’re a working mom – tell me why you love it!

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5 thoughts on “Why Be A Stay At Home Mom?

  1. theinsightfulmum says:

    I LOVE being a stay at home mum and definitely think it’s the best thing my son! Creating a safe home, stimulating learning environment and a loving family is why I stay at home! Not always a piece of cake though 😉

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