Christmas Cathedral Cookies

You know that feeling of nostalgia that comes around every Christmas? I’m so thankful for the Christmas traditions and memories from my childhood, because Christmas cheer is basically just childhood nostalgia. I don’t know about you, but every year I find myself reminiscing and hoping to create the same joy and magic for my children.

All of the nostalgia is GREAT… movies, decorations, music, traditions. But for me, the most powerful nostalgic feeling is from food. Last Christmas I pulled out this recipe from my mom’s cookbook. These were my Grandma’s recipe and I just wanted to make something different so I found an old recipe.

I made these for our family Christmas (with my siblings and their kids). To my surprise, my hippy, vegetable eating brother (who usually snubs sugar), tried one. He stopped and looked dazed for a second. He almost looked like he was going to cry. He looked at me and asked, “What are these? They taste like my childhood.”

I told him that they were Grandma’s recipe and our mother made them every Christmas when we were little (I’m guessing because they are extremely cheap to make). He smiled and gave me a hug and said, “Thanks for making these.” And proceeded to eat several throughout the night.

This moment reminded me of how special all of those traditions can be for the rest of our lives, and that Christmas magic doesn’t have to mean expensive or elaborate. Our kids will be blessed and delighted with the smallest of efforts on our part. So, if you’re at a loss for things to make this Christmas with a limited budget, try these cookies. They’re easy, simple and cheap.

Christmas Cathedral Cookies

1 package of mini colored marshmallows 

2 cups chocolate chips 

1 stick butter 

In a saucepan, melt chocolate chips and butter over medium-low heat. Dump entire package of marshmallows in a mixing bowl. Once melted, pour chocolate mixture over marshmallows and stir. Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour. Shape mixture into a 12 inch roll and wrap in waxed paper. Refrigerate for 4 hours. Unwrap and cut into 3/8 inch slices.

Wishing all the Christmas nostalgia and magic for you and your family. 

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