Winter Activities For Toddlers

Winter is full of wonders. Especially when your child is first old enough to enjoy the seasons, it can be absolutely breathtaking for them to witness their first snow, to check out icicles on the back porch, or to make their first snowman. But as the months go on, it can become monotonous to look … Continue reading Winter Activities For Toddlers


20 Autumn Activities for Toddlers

Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year! There are so many things to do and enjoy during autumn. However, enjoying each season to its fullest can be difficult when you have an ornery and energetic toddler to keep up with. Although you can't do absolutely anything with a toddler, there are still so … Continue reading 20 Autumn Activities for Toddlers

How To Have A Perfect Christmas

Christmas can be an intimidating time for a mom. There are so many expectations from your children, even from fellow parents, to put on the "perfect" Christmas. So many items on their wish list. So many events. So many craft ideas. So many recipes. So many expectations. I know that the struggle is real. As … Continue reading How To Have A Perfect Christmas

Christmas Cathedral Cookies

You know that feeling of nostalgia that comes around every Christmas? I'm so thankful for the Christmas traditions and memories from my childhood, because Christmas cheer is basically just childhood nostalgia. I don't know about you, but every year I find myself reminiscing and hoping to create the same joy and magic for my children. … Continue reading Christmas Cathedral Cookies