Summer Activities For Toddlers

I never really cared for summer for so many reasons, but since having a child it's become one of the easiest times of year for me. We can do pretty much any outdoor activity at any time of the day or week. Getting dressed is less stressful. No worries about coats in the car seat, … Continue reading Summer Activities For Toddlers

How To Have A Perfect Christmas

Christmas can be an intimidating time for a mom. There are so many expectations from your children, even from fellow parents, to put on the "perfect" Christmas. So many items on their wish list. So many events. So many craft ideas. So many recipes. So many expectations. I know that the struggle is real. As … Continue reading How To Have A Perfect Christmas

Christmas Cathedral Cookies

You know that feeling of nostalgia that comes around every Christmas? I'm so thankful for the Christmas traditions and memories from my childhood, because Christmas cheer is basically just childhood nostalgia. I don't know about you, but every year I find myself reminiscing and hoping to create the same joy and magic for my children. … Continue reading Christmas Cathedral Cookies