Summer Activities For Toddlers

I never really cared for summer for so many reasons, but since having a child it’s become one of the easiest times of year for me. We can do pretty much any outdoor activity at any time of the day or week. Getting dressed is less stressful. No worries about coats in the car seat, or deciding whether or not to bring the rain boots along to Grandma’s just in case.

My toddler loves summer too. No shoes are necessary most of the time and life just feels more free. If you are unsure what to do with your kid(s) this summer, try some of these theme days (or pick and choose ideas from them).

Outside Day

Pick a day with partial shade and a light breeze. Put on cool clothing, lather on the sunscreen, and grab the lawn chairs and an outdoor blanket. Bring out toys, coloring supplies, chalk, bubbles, and snacks. You can even eat lunch outside on your blanket. If your little one is a little older, you could make a fun little scavenger hunt and have them find things in nature. Make it a day of outdoor fun.

Water Day

Pick a day that’s supposed to be sweltering and find all the water activities you can. Water tables, sensory bins with water, sprinklers, baby pools, etc. Plan a day of water fun on your back porch, or take your little one to the local pool. Make sure to go out in the morning instead of the hottest part of the day and don’t forget the sunscreen!

Park Day

Start early in the morning. Take a walk to your local park. Pack snacks and drinks. Take a walk to the park and play all morning. You can even eat lunch if the park has a pavilion or picnic tables. Your toddler will definitely be ready for a nap afterwards!

Craft Day

Summer has its fair share of stormy weather, so if you find yourself stuck inside of a dark and dreary day, try to plan a day of crafts. Sensory bins, puzzles, play-dough, coloring, or classic crafts are great options.

Lazy Day

There are sometimes days, despite the weather outside, when us moms just can’t take it anymore. When summer gets to be too long and you need a break, plan a lazy day. Everyone can stay in their pajamas, watch as much tv as they want, and eat whatever they want whenever they want. Not only will you enjoy the relaxing, your kid will enjoy the freedom to do what they want for a day and just chill out.

Summer Activities For Toddlers Theme Days Fun Ideas Things To Do With Kids Warm Weather


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