You know you’re a farmers wife if…

1. …you feel #blessed on the rare occasions you actually get to prepare a evening meal.

2. …you are willing to go through pretty much any discomfort (using a plastic armrest as a chair, braving 80+ temps in a non-air conditioned tractor cab, wheezing through waves of bean dust, yelling over the roar of the dryer or the semi, etc.) for a short chat with your hubby.

3. …you go to bed alone and wake up alone…but the other side still magically gets messed up somehow.

4. …all your conversations when making plans begin with, “if it rains….”

5. …a road trip to pick up parts or machinery gets you giddy with excitement at the thought of a “date” with your husband.

6. …you calculate when to have sex to make sure you don’t have a harvest baby.

7. …your laundry is sorted by “dirty, dirtier, and farm clothes” instead of by color.

8. …you never get your hopes up when your hubby says you will get some time together – you never know what might come up.

9. …your favorite hoodies have grease stains, rips, and who knows what else, all over and you still wear them with pride because they’re comfortable and smell like your husband.

10. …your baby sleeps better to the rumbles of a semi, tractor or corn dryer than just about anything else!

11. …no matter how unpredictable, exhausted or smelly your husband is…you couldn’t be prouder to call that farmer yours. ❤️

10 things that happen when you're married to a farmer


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