Advent: A Time Of Anticipation

The tree is up, the lights are strung, my list of Christmas gifts begun. All the jolly songs are full of fun, playing loudly as the stockings are hung.

My brain is overwhelmed with things to do, people to see and lots of food – a season with hundreds of stores to peruse, as we frantically decide which gifts to choose.

It seems that the tree is watching me – the calm, peaceful lights so constant and free. Free of the burdens of busyness – of materialism, wealth and selfishness.

The aisles of our general stores filling up more each day; steadily rising piles of trivial items that tempt spoiled children to demand their own way.

This should be a time of awaiting – reveling in the glory of our King. The quiet and mysterious beauty of worshipping, with occasional interludes by Sinatra & Bing.

He chose to let go of his title, although He was the King of all Kings – and he came as a baby to a poor family, despite being the Creator of all things.

I look at that tree… and the wonder begins. The awe, the joy, praising his majesty with hymns. The Savior of the World came in innocence to win.

HE CAMEpropelled by fierce love for all the world, to bring victory over death – living in humility until his dying breath.

Lord, give me time to celebrate this season in every way. Time to laugh, give gifts, share joy; to love, delight and play – but also give me times to stop… to remember and to pray.

I won’t allow the GLORY of my Father to be outshone by the shallow substitutions that this world calls its own.

Tall, elegant and sparkling: the tree is evergreen, eternally and without fail – reminding me of the blindingly beautiful Glory of my ever King.

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