DIY Reversible Porch Sign

When we first moved into our new home, I was overwhelmed at the feat of trying to decorate everything and actually make it beautiful within our non-existent budget for decorating!

Though I had never been a crafty person and always steered clear of DIY and craft projects, I decided that it would be worth it. So I roped my artsy little sister in and we worked together to create a homey atmosphere in my new little house.

One of the projects that I actually worked on myself was a DIY reversible porch sign! Because of an old barn he had recently torn down, my dad had tons of old wood lying around at the farm.

I grabbed ONE piece from the pile and made this adorable reversible sign for my porch! I really want to do a Spring/Summer sign, but for now this Fall/Winter one is all I’ve got to show you.

Here is what you’ll need: 

  • Strips from a wooden pallet or old barn wood (any size works – whatever size you want your sign to be)
  • Chalk Paint & Chalk Markers
  • Paint
  • Sand Paper
  1. IF you want to, you can sand your wood. I chose not to do this. I love how rustic it looks, but it was a little difficult to write and draw on the rough surface.
  2. Paint your wood. You can either use chalk paint or acrylic paint. I actually used orange acrylic paint for the “Harvest” side and black chalk paint for the “Let it Snow” side, because that’s what I had on hand.
  3. Let your paint dry. 
  4. Decide what you are going to write, where to place it, and trace it out. I just used a pencil to draw what I was thinking about writing to make sure that it fit properly.
  5. Use chalk markers, or acrylic paint on a small brush, to draw your design.
  6. Display proudly!



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