12 Days of Christmas for your S.O.

Buying gifts for men can be incredibly difficult. I don’t know how men feel about buying for us ladies, but I have a hunch that we are much easier (Guys, correct me if I’m wrong on this)! Thankfully, this idea can be used for either gender.

I always struggle with finding the perfect gift, but one year I came up with this genius idea: 12 days of Christmas! I had a blast picking out little gifts and writing poems to go along with them. Then I hid the gifts in little places for my honey to find.

This gift will only work if you’re willing to put in the time and creativity – it doesn’t cost much at all! You could spend anywhere between $25-60. I actually did 6 days of Christmas, because Christmas was on Friday and I began it on Sunday. You could really do as many as you wanted – even 25!

I love how this gift idea is so unique. Use this post to get your creative juices flowing, and then create the perfect gift for YOUR significant other! Here are the 7 days I did for my hubby.

Day One

What: Coffee Mug + Homemade Caramels (You could do any kind of homemade treat or candy, coffee, hot cocoa, tea – whatever they like!)

How Much: $5-10

Where: I put this one in his pickup cup holder for him to find after work

Note: Good Morning Dear! Christmas Time is almost here, & I know you like your daily cup of cheer! Now you can enjoy it while you think of me, & shove some caramel in your cheeks. Go ahead, you can start chewing. Now come hang out with me & let’s get some coffee brewing! You can fill up on caffeine, as much as you wish… & an all you can handle special on love: come get a kiss!

Day Two

What: I did this one when we were dating – Makeout Kit (Altoids + Gum + Listerine Strips + Chapstick) After we got married I started doing one of the days as a “sexy” day. You can do whatever you want for this… whatever is “special” for you as a couple and requires a bit more effort on your part. 

How Much: $5-10

Where: I left this one in his glove compartment because whenever we were kissing in his truck we were always missing breath freshening items and chapstick.

Note: I’ll spare you this one, as it was a little suggestive… 🙂

Day Three

What: “Open When” Letters (You can find ideas on Pinterest!)

How Much: $1-2 (for envelopes)

Where: I just tied a ribbon around these with the note tucked into the corner. I left them in his backpack to find when he got to work.

Note: Remember when we were pen pals, so many years ago? Every time you wrote me a letter, my affection for you would grow. Though for many years we were apart, I’m so thankful that God planned for you to get my heart! Now you’re by my side through thick & thin, but your words are whispered in my ear instead of the envelope they were in. Truth is, I much prefer you right by my side, but I thought it would be fun to revisit our pen pal days (well…I tried).

Day Four

What: Snickerdoodle Bread (Any baked good would be great)

How Much: $1-5 (For the ingredients you don’t already have)

Where: This was on the kitchen counter when he got home, freshly baked with the note beside it.

Note: (I couldn’t figure out a poem for this one) You’re a little bit like this bread… You’re coated in sugar, with a little bit of spice – You’re soft, warm & comforting – You taste REALLY good – I can’t get enough of you – Please, come kiss me!

Day Five

What: Flannel (Pick a favorite item of clothing for your sweetie!)

How Much: $15-25

Where: This was the first gift that was wrapped and given. I gave it at our big family Christmas on Christmas Eve.

Note: You’re well aware by now of my affection for you, & just how much I love it when you wear your work boots. I love your butt in your sexy Levi jeans, & I adore your camo hat that probably needs to be cleaned. I love your dirty hands, your Ford pickup, your scruff, but most of all I love to hug you when you’re flannel-y and soft! You wouldn’t look like you without a flannel on your back, so I got you a new one to add to your rack.

Day Six

What: Little book of things I love about you (I bought a little black notebook at the dollar store and filled every single page with one thing I love about my husband)

How Much: $2

Where: This I gave to him on Christmas morning for his main Christmas gift

Note: I’ve given all my gifts and the week is through, but I still feel like it’s my first day in love with you. I hope that our love lasts forever and more, because you are the first man I have ever truly adored. It’s through you that I have found what it means to be treasured, this love is truly one that cannot be measured. When I look at you, it’s my best friend that I see, and every day you sync more and more with me. Here are the reasons that with you I feel so free. I love you my dear.

I hope that this has given you some great ideas! Have a blast this Christmas with your sweetie and knock their socks off with your impressive creativity. 

Merry Christmas! 

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