DIY Reversible Porch Sign

When we first moved into our new home, I was overwhelmed at the feat of trying to decorate everything and actually make it beautiful within our non-existent budget for decorating! Though I had never been a crafty person and always steered clear of DIY and craft projects, I decided that it would be worth it. … Continue reading DIY Reversible Porch Sign


Christmas Gift Ideas For The Broke Mom

Ahhh, Christmas. That beautiful time of the year when we celebrate the birth of our Savior, time with family and friends, delicious feasts and treats, & spending an insane amount of money on unnecessary crap that everyone is just going to forget about a month later. I have a love-hate relationship with Christmas. On one … Continue reading Christmas Gift Ideas For The Broke Mom

You know you’re a farmers wife if…

1. feel #blessed on the rare occasions you actually get to prepare a evening meal. 2. are willing to go through pretty much any discomfort (using a plastic armrest as a chair, braving 80+ temps in a non-air conditioned tractor cab, wheezing through waves of bean dust, yelling over the roar of the … Continue reading You know you’re a farmers wife if…